What is The New Media Reportage?

What is the new media?

Today’s evolving and fast-changing media, are tools, approached, and impacts that play a vital role in forming another horizon for emerging set of medium what they called the new media.

New media is defined by the New Media Institute as:

New Media is a 21st Century catchall term used to define all that is related to the internet and the interplay between technology, images and sound. In fact, the definition of new media changes daily, and will continue to do so. New media evolves and morphs continuously. What it will be tomorrow is virtually unpredictable for most of us, but we do know that it will continue to evolve in fast and furious.

The Philippines known to its status as the Social Media Capital of the World really proved it as media (and government) agencies within the country changed their perspective on news gathering and developed new tools and approaches to reach more audience, improve the reliability of their report, and report in real-time.

The New Media Reportage

The New Media Reportage is a non-profit webiste that features updates about the emerging new media, observes reportage if a coverage goes beyond the limit of ethical journalism, and citizen media engagement in the social media for social good.

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