Pangilinan assures food security in PH

September 8, 2015 –As part of the 4-day Bulacan Food Fair and Exposition (BUFFEX) various known personalities were invited to talk about the pressing issues about the food industry, including the presidential czar on food security, Fancis Kiko Pangilinan –whom was represented by his Chief of Staff, Rachel G. Villego.

As being the appointed Presidential Assistant on Food Security and Agricultural Modernization, Former Senator Francis Pangilinan is in-charge of crafting various programs to ensure that our country stays capable of feeding its people by its supple of goods.

Rachel G. Villego discussed the plight of food security in the country and various programs to mitigate threats to decrease our food supply that could make us dependent to other countries, especially the threat given by the El Niño phenomenon to our agricultural sector affecting our food security.

Rachel Villego receiving the plaque for Sec. Kiko Pangilinan

“Just recently, an El Niño tasked force was made to study and craft programs to mitigate its upcoming effect to our agricultural sector and to find solutions so that we can lessen its impact to our food security,” Villego explained.


Other pressing concerns were also discussed including the skyrocketing price of NFA rice, and why the country needs to make surplus of imported rice from Thailand and neighboring rice-sufficient countries.

Villego also commended the effort of the Provincial Government of Bulacan to encourage Small and Medium-sized Enterprises to showcase their products in BUFFEX.


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