De Lima revisits food safety laws in PH

September 9, 2015 – In lieu with the celebration of Singkaban 2015, various figures were invited to share the moments of festivities in the Bulacan Food Fair and Exposition (BUFFEX), one of them was the Secretary of Justice, Leila De Lima who discussed about the laws on food safety in the Phillippines.

In front of the attendees of another batch of symposium, the Secretary of Justice captured the interest of the attendees with an opening topic of the state of food legislation in the Philippines and the legal issues that go with it and made them aware about the Food Safety Act of 2013.

“There is a law in the Philippines which was passed in 2012 and it’s called the Food Safety Act or the R.A. 10611, which protects both the consumers and the business sector,” De Lima introduced.

The Food Safety Act of 2013 protects the legitimate food businesses and the right to safe food of the consumers.

Cases such as the food poisonings in different parts of the Philippines, most recently is the durian candy- related incident in Davao pressed the Secretary to push for it and various agencies to strongly implement Food Safety Act.

12033267_1169573399722712_1316314898_nShe also channeled her wit as to why she’s invited to talk about food safety legislation despite being a part of the executive branch, “I don’t know why I was invited to talk about food safety legislation eh wala naman ako sa legislation branch,” as the crowd left laughing and knowing that she’s securing a senatorial seat in 2016.

The symposium was capped with the Bicolana Secretary cooking ‘laing’ that was tasted by the attendees.


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