BulSU journ studes revisit Plaridel’s heroism

August 29, 2015 – In commemoration of Marcelo H. Del Pilar, the Bulacan State University journalism students attended a forum at the 1st Plaridel Media Camp held at the Gen. Gregorio Del Pilar Memorial Elementary School, Bulakan, Bulacan.

The 1st Plaridel Media Camp is an initiative by the Bulacan Press Club and National Press Club that advocate to hail Del Pilar as the Father of Philippine Press Freedom and to urge our President to make August 30 – Del Pilar’s birthday – as the National Press Freedom day to highlight Plaridel’s contribution to our country’s press freedom and independence.
The speaker, Mr. King Cortez –who’s been advocating the deeds and sacrifices done by Marcelo H. Del Pilar– discussed to the students about how Plaridel’s life sparked revolution that urged historical icons such as Andres Bonifacio to revolt against the Spanish invaders.

Cortez also pointed out about the historical bias that lies in the textbooks and lessons that present schools have established to teach, “Sa mga textbooks ba nabanggit na si Del Pilar ang utak ng rebolusyon? Nakarinig o nakadalo na ba kayo sa isang leksyon kung saan binibigyan siya ng kaukulang pansin, ‘yong mga nagawa nya sa bansa?”

It ended with a fellowship conducted by press from Metro Manila and nearby provinces of Bulacan, as their way to train future Plaridels, the National Press Club President Joel Egco said, “We need to get in touch and train future journalists, we need to give back to Plaridel, ito na lamang ang aming magagawa para kahit papaano ay maipakita kay Plaridel na buhay na buhay at malaya ang pamamahayag sa Pilipinas.”


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