Content Distribution in Social Media

In this day and age of media shift, it is evident that a lot of people have already ventured into blogging because it is easier than the traditional media in all aspects especially in terms of what content would you like to produce.

And with the help of social media, things can easily be shared to your audience once that you are through in producing your content, using different platforms may affect the way your content will resurface in the internet. That is why, there is a research conducted by Pew Research Center that states:

Each social media platform also seems to have its own personality and function. In the year studied, bloggers gravitated toward stories that elicited emotion, concerned individual or group rights or triggered ideological passion. Often these were stories that people could personalize and then share in the social forum – at times in highly partisan language. And unlike in some other types of media, the partisanship here does not lean strongly to one side or the other. Even on stories like the Tea Party protests, Sarah Palin and public support for Obama both conservative and liberal voices come through strongly.

One thing that was found out in the research is:

Twitter was even less likely to share the traditional media agenda – the lead story matched that of the mainstream press in just four weeks of the 29 weeks studied.

It means that your content should be different from the content they produce in the traditional media, in that way, you interact with a responsive social media scheme.

You, as a content producer, should use a different angle in conveying your stories, different frrom the usual angle that is being used in the traditional media. Remember that you are now in the age of internet wherein audience relies on trend and not on the angle of the story.


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