New Goggle Protocol

As Google unveils their new shift in the field of tech, a threat to online marketers was put in the hike last February.

It is because the known tech-leader, Google, will remove non-mobile-friendly sites on their Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). This new alogorithms will give the consumers a vibe that Google is doing something on the issues of non-mobile-friendly sites.

With over 1.5billion mobile internet users and 80% of internet users use smartphones to access the net, it is an ease to a website to have a mobile version so that it will be easier for the consumer to browse on their site and as a result Google promotes that all sites should have their swift versions that are suitable for every site and a major consequence will hit them if they fail to comply to Google.

The consequence is their removal from Google’s SERP, which means lesser traffic for their site.


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