Tools to Improve Content Interaction

Ranking and social media interaction have really equated to how the content manager drives the content using a plethora of tools that contributes big time to how the content itself ‘moves’ through the internet.

1. Hootsuite 

hootsuiteIf you are up for non-stop tweeting or updating your status online, you have a perfect companion. By scheduling your tweets using Hootsuite. Plus, you can also manage multiple accounts at ease through its accounts function –that let’s you manage multiple accounts at one app.

2. Echofon echofon

Just like Hootsuite, Echofon features tiles that allow you to get involved through your audience by checking tweets faster, swifter, and easy to use compared to the Twitter account.

3. Buffer


Buffer is for news agencies and online publishers who wishes to ‘break’ the news in a desired time. Thus, scheduling tweets rapidly by using its publishing function. and letting the whole traffic work for your content. Also, one of the functions that hits it, Buffer can share what you are reading to your desired audience.


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