Revisiting the CCL and FOI

What makes me sad was the CyberCrime Law that stirs debate both offline and online.
The editor of the TNMR was also criticized by some people regarding the stand on this issue ( not just on this ) they said that the country needs it because it will teach the people to be more accountable for their words online and to increase the public awareness that the internet is also owned by the government; should also be given the chance to control it.
Still , not yet convinced with those reasons , stand is still  #NoToCyberCrimeLaw — for the public should be given the chance to criticize their public officials and make the information dissemination  of mediamen and social media users easier. I hope that the new set of senators will do justice for the people by  putting it where it should be.

We should  find alternatives for the CyberCrime Law , and that alternative is the Magna Carta For the Internet Freedom of the Philippines — which covers the right for Freedom of Expression down to Right to Privacy. Let me quote the post of  Jester-In-Exile  on the  :

            THE MAGNA CARTA FOR PHILIPPINE INTERNET FREEDOM (MCPIF) is the first legislation drafted through online crowdsourcing. Spurred by the realization that representative democracy cannot always address that needs of the community, the drafters of the MCPIF came together to craft legislation for the Internet that would reflect the experience and aspirations of Filipino netizens.

             The MCPIF has four key principles:

1. Rights. Civil and political rights enshrined in the Constitution should be recognized and promoted in cyberspace.

2. Governance. Information and communications technology should be harnessed to improve governance and empower citizens.

3. Development. Information and communications technology is a powerful driver of the national economy.

4. Security. The country should prepare for the security challenges of the future without violating Constitutional rights of citizens.

for more information go to : /

Freedom of Information Bill should also be one of the priority bills , the FOI Bill empowers every citizens to know sufficient information that they need as the ‘BOSS’ of their public servants.


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