Why Online Engagement Matters?

As the media changes its paradigm, users must develop and create new ways to interact with our audience to establish connection and networks so we may be able to resources when necessary.The mastery determines the ability of a certain news organization to survive the fast-phasing world ruled by news.

Contents are, in this generation, produced online and social media plays a vital role from curating to publishing the content — making content production an intricate process because it requires engagements and tedious verification of data of the citizens (see post on citizen media) that they posted via the citizens’ arm of a media agency or tagged to a media organization that doesn’t have a citizens’ arm.

Also, online engagements make the data gathering process easier because it allows you to get a real-time updates on the ground -where citizens at- making news more credible since it involves people who are at the ground giving you updates.

In our present society, everyone has a social media account, making it a tool for everyone, and that includes personalities (celebrities, politicians, and media men) with that diverse audience we are virtually surrounded by data -that can be used to make content- about every facets of life, not just for news; use these data to create your online presence and also offline by starting initiatives.

Let’s engage for change!


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