On Citizen Media and the New Media

The emergence of citizen media in the mainstream media have contributed in terms of data gathering and content-based curation of a certain event that can easily be turned into news.

In the generation wherein smartphones are much smarter than their owners, social media plays a vital role in changing the landscape of news gathering and information dissemination in the world. A newsworthy picture of an incidence can be posted online (whether Twitter or Facebook, etc) and can be telecast.

With such power of the new media, the 2 network giants have found the chance to enter and engage using new media by creating a citizens’ arm: enabling citizens to report, engage, and urge an action raising immediate concern to the issue.

Paving the engagement of the citizens by opening the portals of Bayan Mo, Ipatrol Mo and YouScoop both portals can be accessed via computer or using a smartphone, with these citizens can be mediamen since they create their own content, find source of the issue, get ‘some’ details, and post. Then, the network will review and publish it, and sometimes air it when really raise concern on the public.

The birth of the citizen media is helping journalists to gather content and grasp a real-time information of the story wherein everyone can follow-up with just an ease.

They would post a question asking the citizens (on Twitter or FB) about what is happening in their area that they think newsworthy – with just one question, they will create a thread of conversation, enabling engagements, and presto! news will then be delivered.


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