Twitter on News and its Brand-New Tool

Twitter is, by far, one of the innovations that we have in today’s communication technology as it caters 270 million active users in 2015 and still growing.

Statistics has spoken as media agencies venture into a more responsive interface, audience-based, and relevant tool to:

  1. gather data
  2. increase audience response when it comes to new trends
  3.  tap people at the ground to share their updates
  4. channel more media outlets
  5. increase audience and advertisers

It is evident how Twitter is used to navigate audience when talking about updates, breaking news, and advisories from government PR machineries to increase the public awareness and decrease the suspicion rate when it comes to the credibility of the information.


Twitter’s Curator and Storify. 

Due to Twitter’s new role in the new, it has devised a tool to help news organizations curate their tweets. Thus, making it easier for the audience to read news — it is called Curator. Unlike the Storify that allows to build embeddable collections of tweets. Curator is more powerful as it has a direct link on Twitter’s firehose, giving the media agency more data to work on with and easier to reach the audience.

For more updates about the Curator:


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