Cyber Crime Law and MCPIF

It is saddening for the media to be in a country that values faux security rather than transparent reportage. As we all know, last 2012 a new threat for the media has been passed and been gathering a lot of thumbs down. Since the start of its readings, various groups had started petitions for it to be amended or junked. But in spite of the online protests of hackers to some of the government’s website, the bill had been promulgated into a law.

In lieu with its passage, the group of PHNetDems a group of netizens -comprising of lawyers, information and ommunication technology expert, social media strategist- have long been lobbying in the Congress about internet freedom, misleading advertisements concerning internet speed and data security, and rights on the web.

The group also drafted and lobbying for the passage of Magna Carta for Philippine Internet Freedom

(MCPIF) is the first legislation drafted through online crowdsourcing. Spurred by the realization that representative democracy cannot always address that needs of the community, the drafters of the MCPIF came together to craft legislation for the Internet that would reflect the experience and aspirations of Filipino netizens

 The MCPIF has four key principles:

1. Rights. Civil and political rights enshrined in the Constitution should be recognized and promoted in cyberspace.

2. Governance. Information and communications technology should be harnessed to improve governance and empower citizens.

3. Development. Information and communications technology is a powerful driver of the national economy.

4. Security. The country should prepare for the security challenges of the future without violating Constitutional rights of citizens.

Our country should listen to people who know about the internet, and the media should advocate internet freedom because it is vital in shaping future reportage of our country and observing internet freedom within the parameters of ethics.


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