All About Pinoy (GALLERY)

 The festivity of Filipino fiesta  Carrying the tradition, preserving the culture of being a devotee of St. John the Baptist. The people of Calumpit gather to celebrate the Libad Festival.  Fluvial procession is set to occur; with 29 barangays joining.   The Tipas hopia represents the foreign influence (Chinese) in our culinary.   (As seen at the National Museum) Baybayin: The ancient scripts of the Filipinos   The Filipino architecture is heavely influed by foreigners as it uses non-indegenious materials.    Aratiles. Reminiscing your childhood treats.    Dimsum as it is served in a Filipino restaurant.   One of the halls of National Museum.    Art appreciation. The painting (on emphasis) is by Ocampo: Kasaysayan ng Lahi.


5 thoughts on “All About Pinoy (GALLERY)

  1. It was simple and nice though some of your pictures were blurry but I guess you only used your phone (like what you said in class) for this, so I understand. I just hope you also put the “before” photos so that your readers could have seen the changes you made. 🙂


  2. Hi, Jann! The concept of your photos and post is really good. Although next time, observe the quality of your photo. (Some of them are out-of-focus and grainy.) Also, arrange you post properly next time. The captions are located beside the photo and I think that it’s not a good idea because it’s pretty distracting. But I must say that you have a great eye when it comes to photography. Keep up the good work and practice more! 🙂


  3. I admire your concept here. Those captions really fit on the photos. I hope next time you will showcase more editing skills. Nevertheless, it was a good start.


  4. Very colorful photos Jann! I love the vibe that this post gives. The vibrant colors of the photos perfectly represents our culture.


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